Monday, 27 February 2012


No point being polite, I want your vote.

UKOUG annual elections are now open  and I am up for election. I want so much to be returned to our new Council, and in turn to return as President.

Last year, I was very honoured to be asked by your board to be Chairman, but it wasn't a badge of honour. UKOUG had to change, and to change quickly. The new board proposed a radical change and I bought it to you the members and thank you for voting for that change. As a result I was the shortest lived Chairman ever in UKOUG but in the new structure was asked to be President.

How did I do? Well that is for you to judge; bringing in the change has been very hard, but also very fruitful and things are looking much better for the future. Change takes time but I believe we have turned the corner and are better prepared than ever to move with the times and continue to Serve The Oracle Community.

I believe I can represent all communities as one, in my day job I work with Oracle, through the hardware (some Sun Hardware is Fujitsu / Oracle partnership), technology and applications. I have run our support and BI teams, been an EBS implementation Consultant and EBS user, have worked mainly in the Public Sector and my main role is understanding what Oracle does and ensuring Fujitsu understands and helps their customers make the most of their investments. They give me unbelievable support to work with UKOUG.

I love presenting, because my biggest motivation is sharing knowledge. I am very proud to be an ACE Director, to have received awards for bridging the technology / applications divide and for User Group Work.

I believe that the privilege I have being close to what Oracle is doing should be shared with everybody. So if you have a UKOUG vote please vote for me, and if your company does but not you, please ask the main contact to vote for me.

Each membership has 5 votes. I want one of them but please use the other 4 wisely. 

As well as Peter Robson and I who are up for re-election, 20 other people have nominated themselves.  I would like to specifically mention Alan Bell, Fiona Martin, Kate Forbes, Jon Mead, Terry Potter and Colin Terry; all who have stepped up as volunteers co-opted to the Council in the last year. Many others have been volunteers in their respective Communities already. Read through ALL the nominations an select people who you think will represent you on the Council, look at their record of participation in UKOUG and what they stand for.

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