Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Having Fun in Utah

I love speaking and love being asked to do so, often creating impossible itineraries to do so, but this was an opportunity I couldn't say no to.

February means RMOUG and that will be my next posting, but one of my speaker friends Mike Swing, emailed me and asked if I could speak at his user group UTOUG in Salt Lake City on the day before. I loved the idea but asked why did they want me to talk on Fusion when Floyd Teter who now has his hands dirty from real Fusion Apps implementations, lives in Salt Lake City, having moved from the sunny climates of California just a few months ago? I think they didn't know Floyd was there and so the exciting opportunity of us both presenting came about.

Floyd's Blog Posting

The plan was simple, I would arrive in Denver (for RMOUG) as planned Saturday evening, but instead of spending the weekend in the city I would fly out to Salt Lake City Sunday morning and back again after the event Monday. Simples - except United decided to keep my luggage in Chicago, and although it made it to Denver Sunday evening I did not want it chasing me around America, so Sunday consisted of a quick shopping session, before Floyd and I could plan our talk (well prepared).

On the day it was brilliant, it is not often you get 2 1/2 hours to talk about your favourite topic with one of your favourite people. We decided what we wanted to talk about, created a large slide pack and then planned to keep interrupting each other. It was such fun, and the banter was great, although a third person got in on the act; the event was held in a teaching hospital and whenever a baby was born a tune was played on the tannoy, good day for babies 13th February.

We got great questions and a lot of questions, so I think it went well, now we are considering repeating it at Collaborate.

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