Monday 15 February 2010

Wrap Up of IOUC Meeting

I am sat in the kitchen of John and Peggy King ready to start the next big adventure at RMOUG Training Days where I will be giving an Update on the paper I gave last year 'Thinking of Supporting or Extending Fusion Applications - An Update'.

However before RMOUG starts I need to do a quick wrap up of the IOUC meeting. I have talked in previous postings about the big Sun Strategy Day and my visits around Fusion Set Up Manager but the real reason for being in town was the annual IOUC meeting.

At the Presidents Meeting on the Wednesday afternoon it was excellent that the attendees roughly matched the global percentages of Oracle's customers for the first time I can ever remember with only 35% being from North America. There was a great contingent from Latin America, a good representation from EMEA and from Asia Pacific.

As ever Oracle had laid on a great selection of executives to update users groups on what is happening, the only problem being that you can't attend them all.

And although we say this every time, the real value in these events is learning from each other. Ronan, James and I took home a lot of actions to follow up on ideas that may add value to UKOUG.

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