Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I love my job....

I have said before that Fujitsu are very supportive of my role in UKOUG, and I have enough holiday to supplement that time when reqired. I have worked for Fujitsu for so long I get 33 days annual leave (for those of you in the US, the minimum in UK is about 20 but most get about 25 plus public holidays).

So this month as well as the OUG Scotland conference, I am today attending the HrOUG or Croatian User Group Conference and next week I am speaking at Miracle Oracle Open World in their new Business Track which is the first major outing for the newly formed BAUG.

I love to share what I know with users and I always end up learning something myself, however as I speak absolutley no Croatian my knowledge at this event will be limited to how beautiful the place is. Although I did see a commercial being shot for a kitchen and bathroom company Kholer yesterday, something about a beautiful women marrying a really short guy because his bathroom is so beautiful!

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