Sunday, 5 October 2008

Having Thought about Fusion

Being a blogger is sometimes a tightrope to walk. Oracle like blogging and encourage it, thank you for the blogger credentials at OOW, the big orange badge was almost' Access all Areas' and a desk with power during keynotes was fantastic, but at the same time I have signed a non disclosure agreement on Fusion, so what can I say and what can't I say?

I had a sneak preview of Fusion Apps in the middle of August and gave feedback in one of the several promotional videos Oracle made about fusion Applications and showed throughout OOW. Then on the Sunday before OOW the Inner Circle met and we saw a lot more and had great insight from Steve Miranda and Thomas Kurian but it was still all under non disclosure.

HOWEVER on the Wednesday there were a couple of sessions given as fusion Applications Part I and part II, were Steve Miranda gave an overview of the concepts and then a number of modules were demonstrated. So there it is we have seen it and can talk about it.

I love them, but it got me thinking, as a business person the user interface is all I have ever wanted. Lets take Financials, from one portal page I can view balances, stored in a 'cube' so I can 'slice and dice' the information however I want, set up accounts I want to monitor, or even monitor situations. I also get to see journals with full drill to sub ledgers, if I want to add a journal I can simply click get my Fusion Desktop Integrator there without logging on elsewhere and enter, and as i do and before I commit the journal I can see on the right of my screen what it will do to the balance. That is just a few of the things I can do from one screen.

Now today I have a lot of that functionality but in different applications, OBIEE, Hyperion, ADI, EBS etc, etc and each of these has people in my organisation supporting them. When Fusion arrives will I expect my EBS support to look after everything? will I realise there is so much more technology behind it? Will I recognise what skills are needed and will I be preparing for them? Lots of questions which we in the Product Development Committee of the IOUC are looking to help you with. We are looking at some education templates, Fusion from a business perspective and Fusion from a technical prospective.

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Anonymous said...

Over the years the most often heard lament about Oracle EBS has been the user interface which many consider to be non-intuitive and quite complex to understand. It seems for Fusion, enhanced user experience has been granted a high priority and visibility (pun unintended).
Please keep us updated about all things Fusion (NDA limitations withstanding)