Sunday, 5 October 2008

And the beat goes on.............

Just one last blog about the Elevator, if you google 'OOW Elevator' there are enormous numbers of hits about our escapade, I cant believe so many people were interested.

If you google 'Debra Lilley Elevator' there is a hit on Dan Lockton that is nothing to do with me but has some link to a Debra Lilley at Loughborough university (who once emailed me) all about why Elevators fail, and I wonder why would someone research all that?

And my boss Andy from Fujitsu was at OOW and he chose to send a link to all 200+ colleagues back in the UK only to find out they already knew. But the funniest thing that happened to me was we went to the Oracle Japan reception and were introduced to the head of Japan sales ans he spoke little English, whilst we were being introduced he nodded politely, showed recognition and laughed out 'video', Andy laughed so loud thinking it was the youtube video but actually I am hoping he meant the Oracle Fusion Applications Video I had taken part in prior to OOW.

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