Friday 11 October 2013

Oracle Partner Exchange at OOW13

This year for the first time the Oracle Partner Exchange was extended for more than just the Sunday of Oracle Open World. For me that didn't make much of a difference because apart of a presentation I gave there I didn't have time to attend any more or it.

It actually kicked off on Saturday with a reception which my boss arrived just in time for however he had no luggage so stood out a little in his travel clothes.

The keynote presentation was good, quite a high level overview of what was coming but also a lot of interesting information for partners. Partners need this kind of forum, Oracle are good at talking to key Diamond Partners but other partners need the messages too.

There was more on the Partner Cloud Program that was announced last year, and as someone who has gone through getting Fusion HCM Rapid Start it does need refining, however when I first saw it I was surprised that Oracle had thought about it so thoroughly and a year on it is getting there. It is important that Oracle ensure their programs guarantee that customers get the right partners.Last year Oracle raised the bar for Diamond membership and although that was again a big exercise to ensure Fujitsu stepped up to it, we have made it and retained Diamond.

My presentation was actually a discussion with Jeremy Ashley, VP  Oracle Applications User Experience about the latest in Fusion Applications. I have spoken with Jeremy many times but what was different here was that Oracle wanted me to talk about customer feedback we are getting. This was in the Partner Forum and sharing this information was just as important. What are customers saying, what are their concerns, what do they like etc. There was a surprise for us though, the session was translated into Japanese with a lot of partners from there attending. I have often been translated but normally have prior notice.

It may not have been the most important thing that Oracle Alliances had to say but what interested me most was the announcement that their admin systems are being rewritten. Looking after a Diamond partner with lots of legal entities is a nightmare currently. Looking forward to the improved customer experience.

There was also a UK Alliances reception held in Sausolito which was excellent and a great view of Larry's yacht and San Francisco in the background and just want to say thank you to Will O'Brien and his team.


Moriah said...

Nice work dear. Thank you for sharing your Oracle updates for Learn Oracle.

Unknown said...

When will you be doing another article on this subject?

Oracle partners in India

Debra Lilley said...

I will certainly be writing posts from this year's OOW but the content yet to be decided :)