Thursday, 11 October 2018

ODC Appreciation Day : Perseverance

Perseverance is a skill that you need when your career is an IT. My problem is that I struggle with the sheer amount of time that technology eats up.

I’ve been known to put off getting a new laptop and even phone because of the amount of time it takes to set it all up and migrate everything across. Even if you use some clever cloud backup, chances are you have to re-enter all the passwords etc!

However sometimes Perseverance is really worthwhile.
The ACE program gives me access to a very generous cloud account to play with Oracle technology and whilst I’m not the most technical in the program there are things that I want to give a go especially in the #Paas4SaaS area. Last year at Oracle Open World there was lots about chatbots and I came back and try it all out with the SaaS applications only to find that those new PaaS for mobile and chatbot modules were not in my trial account. I know that Jennifer tried all sorts of things to try and get that working but in the end had to create me a second trial.

Just as I got the second trial, Oracle combined the products into a single product OMCe and that was not in my trial, however  this time things were getting easier and I think there was a better route to talk to the provisioning folks. 

Then I still didn’t get what exactly what I needed and I was close to giving up! However another key benefit of the ACE Program is the access to product management (thanks again Grant and Rohit) and they helped me with a demo system, while we tried to get my account sorted. This meant I was able to get somewhere with my quest and present on how chatbots work with SaaS. Then just when I thought I was there, it changed again because autonomous mobile cloud would remove the need for me to manage the stack which as a non-technical person was an overhead I didn’t need and also I would stop me consuming my credits too quickly.

By this time that was the ability to simply raise an SR with MOS,  this is fantastic, self service, so  I asked for autonomous mobile and I didn’t actually take very long, but you guessed it, the product has changed again. Now it has been separated into two components, ODA and OMC, but on this occasion I raised the SR and the change to my provision in my account was made within 24 hours. So sometimes perseverance pays off, and sometimes what’s really slow for you, means that the others that come behind you have a much smoother life. 

Thanks again ODC for this benefit and for sticking with me during my fustration and all your support. And if you are interested in the topic of chatbots with SaaS, come along to my OOW session on the Thursday lunchtime.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

180925 SPOUG - Not so much Cloud - Lots of Wind

I am a very blessed person, speaking at conferences has given me the opportunity to see so many places and experience many things I would normally never have tried.

SPOUG - Spain was no exception. This was their first conference for some time and they had an amazing day at an indoor sky diving centre! And yes I did have a go.

Madrid is a beautiful city, and even at the end of September it was over 30'C. I wandered around for a little bit when I arrived before joining the speakers for the dinner in a beautiful restaurant.

The conference itself was a little out of the centre, and again I had some wifi issues but there is another post for that; wifi aside it was a great day. To be fair the wifi wasn't too bad, I just wanted to use lots of it.

There were 3 tracks covering most technology areas of Oracle. Less than 30% was in English. I was really pleased to see Nelson Calero there. He is from Uruguay and when I first went to Latin America with the ACE program the events were really small, but over the years they have really grown and n
ow they are exporting their presenters. What as great story! 

I spoke about VBCS to extend SaaS and chatbots. There was an ACE Rueben also talking about the same two topics. I was worried that we would overlap or rather following Rueben Rodriguez would make my sessions look too simple, but I shouldn't have worried we were actually very complimentary.  In both sessions I struggled to live demo as much as I wanted but with help from the audience and using their 4G we got through both. If nothing else I gave them lots of entertainment. 

It was a great day and a great opportunity for me to meet more Accenture people as they are a major sponsor of SPOUG.

As I said wifi was an issue, so a lack of Cloud, but in Europe's biggest indoor skydiving installation, wind was not lacking! Everyone at the event was invited to fly - free and 50% took up the opportunity.

I wanted to, I wanted to be brave, after all when else would I have this opportunity? However my brain over complicates these things and said 'don't be stupid!. I struggle all the time with these thoughts and once before I nearly gave up on an amazing opportunity. Belfast is known for its shipbuilding cranes known as Sampson & Goliath and many years ago I had the unusual opportunity to go to the top of their cranes which are now recognised as important historic buildings. I was petrified and even though I did actually do it, the picture shows I was still uncertain.

Anyway I went for the skydive, waiting was VERY scary but I did it, and actually enjoyed it.

Thank you again SPOUG for the invite.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Announcing the EMEA ACES OOW Short Talks

We are back! For the forth year EOUC, the community of EMEA usergroups is hosting an ACE short talks session at OOW.

We decided on 18C database tips, but with OOW moving to a week earlier a lot of rework was required by the OOW organisers to get everything in and it hasn't been possible to have a User Group Sunday. They have however included a smaller number of user group sessions in the main agenda.

EOUC agreed we would have to limit this session to a single time slot and not the double we normally use and already submitted.

The ACEs who signed up to take part decided it would be better to have a more light hearted topic as we didn't know when in the week it would be and we normally use the talks on the Sunday to set you up for the full agenda.

Tim Hall suggested the topic be our mistakes and everyone was quickly onboard.

Then before I could update the session Oracle started marketing it and this was all over twitter. 

Sorry if you were excited by that, but this will be equally great. 

Lessons learnt the hard way are the ones you remember. Even I am going to take part this year, not just facilitate, after all you don't have to be technical to screw up!

I always say this session is the one that takes the most time to prepare. Herding ACEs is a very under rated skill. Jennifer and Lori I salute you. 

Once I got enough signed up, then I needed their topics. I asked for a short sentence and a single word heading. Difficult question? I didn't think so, but they seemed to think a hashtag type, concatenated title work; so I'll go with that.

The running order will be:

Each of the speakers will write a blog about their mistake which will be published on the day, and I'm thinking of asking all ACE Directors to contribute a blog and make them available in a pdf book - what do you think?

The session is on Tuesday afternoon, please come along and please add it too your schedules so you don't forget.

Conference: Oracle OpenWorld
Session Type: Tips and Tricks Session
Session ID: TIP1989
Session Title: Even the ACEs make Mistakes – What did they learn?” 
Room: Moscone West - Room 3001
Date: 10/23/18
Start Time: 03:45:00 PM
End Time: 04:30:00 PM

Sunday, 16 September 2018

1809 POUG

Look at the label!
You would also be forgiven for thinking POUG stood for Polish Oracle User Group but the official name is Pint with Oracle User Group. 

I remember last year lots of speakers saying how much fun this event was, and later in the year Kamil, the brains behind this event and fellow ACE Director, asked me why I had not been part of it and I promised I would try this year. I did submit and luckily I was accepted to give my chatbots session and asked to be on a panel session.

Since this was earlier September and my daughter was still not back at University I asked her to come with me and we decided to make it a long weekend. The event was in Sopot, one of the 3 Cities, made up of GdaƄsk, Soport and Gdynia which make up the TRi-City.

We flew Ryanair, which also makes me nervous but the flight out was fine although I did pay for Fast Track at Stanstead we has made an industry out of creating record beating queues. 

We arrived late at night so stayed in the airport hotel. The next morning, we got a taxi to the venue which was also our hotel, right on the beach! We dumped our bags and walked into the town centre and caught a slow train to Gdansk city centre.

I am a great believer in City Hop on Hop off buses and it didn’t disappoint. I have to admit that whilst I had heard of Lech Walesa and Solidarity trade union and though I knew a little of Gdasnk I had no idea this is where World War 2 started!! I also learnt a lot more about the city and certainly was impressed at how beautiful it is.

Then we wandered around the city and around the estuary before meeting up with other speakers at the welcome dinner. 

The event was over two days, a Friday and Saturday, with a great agenda. Both my sessions were on the Saturday and I had lots of the day job to do on Friday but it started badly with not being able to connect to the internet. I am used to poor connections at conferences but the was a joke. I got really stressed but thanks to moral support from my daughter and IT support from Alex Nuijten and a lot of luck I got enough wifi to at least run through my demos and get on with my work.

I even went out to Starbucks (on the beach) to work for a while as their wifi was better!

I joined the event mid afternoon and then went to dinner with the dutch contingent, we went to a Ukrainian restaurant and the food was amazing. So much so we went again for lunch before leaving Sopot on the Sunday. We then went back to the hotel for the after party. I believe many delegates and speakers went on to a club after the after party finished at 2am and the last people finished about 4am.

However I was a good girl / am old, and went to bed early as my session was first up Saturday. Considering it was post after party my audience was quite good. I always panic at the last minute that my 'why do' something presentations are of little value to these hard core technical audiences, but they aren't. There is no point developing the best applications if they have no value and the end user can't get what they need.

This was my chatbot presentation and I would say it was straight forward but a cloud demo with really poor wifi is a recipe for disaster. I had tried a myfi connection with no success but luckily a delegate let me connect to his phone. We got there..........slowly

The audience were great, there were really good questions which is always my measure of success. Stress over, I relaxed a bit and then it was time for the Panel Session.

The panel session had a large contingent, very broad and we sat on two sofas, whilst drinking our POUG beer (note to self, if a panel session is going to be this good, don't drink the beer without ensuring you have an inconspicuous path out to the restrooms).

The discussion was led by Kamil, who was an excellent panel facilitator. The discussion was  based on a previous argument debate between Kamil and Bryn Llewellyn on whether Oracle should share the database internals or users simply trust that it works.

As well as Bryn the very technical group consisted of:

Joze Senegacnik, Roger McNichol, Michael Hichwa, Neil Chandler, Erik Van Room, Rob Lockhard, Heli Helskyaho and myself.

How can you work like this?
It was such fun. Again I thought it might be over my head but actually I had lots to say. I work with SaaS which is a closed box and it is so frustrating when with a bit more knowledge about what is going on we could help ourselves. I talked about talking to Oracle support where the user knows more than the support analyst. That isn't it a criticism it is a reflection of where we specialise and they have a lot to cover. Anyway I got an amazing reaction from the audience and my daughter sent me a picture to say she was proud of me. Not that she had any idea what we were talking about :)

Bryn was quite assertive in his position was Kamil held court well and ensured everyone had their say. I loved the banter, it was fun.

That evening we ate at the Grand Hotel overlooking the beach nd the pier and the next day after breakfast on the beach with those who stayed on, we spent the day wandering around the beautiful town of Sopot, before flying home to London.

Thank you Kamil and Luiza. I want to come back, it was such fun.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Congratulations Andy - Lucky UKOUG

UKOUG have just announced that Andy Nellis has won the user vote for Oracle Scene.

Congratulations Andy.

I did stand for this and I wanted to do so to continue my volunteering for UKOUG, but I'm not disappointed, Andy will make a great Editor and I hope he will go on to other roles in UKOUG.

Read his linked profile, UKOUG is very lucky. He has been an end user and had many roles within the user and partner community.

Andy l has been on the Apps Conference group for a few years and has a wide experience within the Oracle World and the big winner here is all of UKOUG.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

UKOUG - I've Still Got Something to Give

I've been a volunteer at UKOUG for over 15 years, but my time on the board finished in March. I said at the time I hoped I would still be of use to the user group and I am now standing for Editor of Oracle Scene.

I want Oracle Scene to represent the whole community and have articles within an edition that will drive everyone to read it. I love walking into an Oracle Office and seeing the high quality physical magazine, it really is our opportunity to reach those who have never heard of UKOUG.

But I also love the online version and everywhere around the world users like to read the high quality articles we attract.

So please vote for me, so I can continue to serve you.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Best Way to Celebrate the Old Certus - A grand Finale - Vote for Us

In May Certus was acquired by Accenture and I posted then about how it was a fitting outcome, much deserved.

Technically we move to Accenture on 1st October, so today we are still Certus, and it is business as usual.

It would be fantastic to have a grand finale and celebrate all that Certus has achieved.  A wonderful way to do that could be success in the UKOUG Partner Awards which will be announced at that time.

So I am asking you to vote for us. If you are our customer, or an end user who has been impressed with our projects or UKOUG presentations please vote. We believe in the user group and sharing the challenges and lessons learnt.

We have been nominated in 3 categories

UKOUG HCM Cloud Partner of the Year

The last year we have had several projects on the go. Phase two of DHL, a HCM project, which they shared at OOW and UKOUG; an architectural implementation of ERP for a global Financial Services; an amazing global HCM project with a very complex integration story as well as our joint project with Accenture at the Home Office which is currently in UAT, alongside HM Treasury that went live at the end of last year. We have also just kicked off a couple of other government projects.

All our projects are HCM and ERP but unfortunately we were not shortlisted for the ERP award. However our reputation in HCM is second to none so being successful here would be amazing.

UKOUG Middleware Partner of the Year Award

In true Certus tradition we continue to work with Oracle Product Development on PaaS, how we can extend the Cloud SaaS for our customers. We have continued to work with VBCS which I presented at conferences last year, and are currently working with Oracle on a prototype for managing workforces, which several of our customers are interested in.

Last year after Oracle Open World I was set the challenge by Certus to deliver a chatbot that actually uses HCM Cloud , no smoke, no mirrors and thanks again to help Oracle Product Development we first demonstrated this at the HCM SIG earlier this year, and then at Collaborate. We are continuously improving this and it will be a session at both OOW and UKOUG this year.

We continue with our eProseed partnership to deliver a wider PaaS4saaS landscape for a global construction company.

UKOUG Industry Product Partner of the Year

If we only win one prize this year, this would be the one. Our solution for government is why we are leaders in government and were able to hold a Government Cloud Success Day in February and have many departments come and hear from our customers. was designed to ensure that UK government could adopt Cloud as risk free as possible. Each project we have delivered has been on time and on budget and allows departments to embrace modern technology with confidence.

In the past I have been concerned that voters are put off because I was a UKOUG board member but that was never true, however this year I have finished my board commitment and am a 'free women' although still an active volunteer.

Please vote for us; help us have our grand finale.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Rant - OPN and ADDM!

I should have good statistics for this blog, it should appeal to many different communities, OPN or the Oracle Partner Network will spark the interest of one community I work in and ADDM or Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor will have my technical friends thinking I have crossed to the other side. 

Actually the acronyms need to be used together: OPNandADDM

Oracle Product Names and Acronyms Drive Debra Mad!

I'm an Oracle ACE Director, a software advocate and this isn't a direct moan just at Oracle, everyone does it but they are a great example.

We all suffer from acronyms over use, and as someone who presents regularly I have to constantly remember not to use too many. A quick google on the overuse brings back many studies of the problems this can cause.

I teach a course that I abbreviate to AYNTKAO - All You Need To Know About Oracle. It is aimed at people having their first Oracle project, not necessarily someone starting an Oracle career, it could be a very experienced change manager or project manager who has not been exposed to them before. I try very hard to avoid the TLA, although many products in Oracle have moved to four or five letters (isn't this a sign to someone, somewhere, there are too many?).

You need to be careful, sometimes names are created to match the acronym

I have joked in the past I would like to meet the person responsible for creating the product names within Oracle, do they pick the names to match the acronym they will be known as? 

It would help if there was a single glossary, it would help. Tell me if I have missed one in my search. I can find them in some product documentation but very few people use one product in isolation.

Three things annoy me:

1. If there is an acronym use the right one!

eg E Business Suite is EBS - not E-Biz or E Bus even wikipedia is confused.

2. Within one organisation don't duplicate

As I said we don't use products in isolation so this confuses people. 

OCI in the database glossary stands for Oracle Call Interface but
OCI also stands for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

3. Be careful if you change a product name to re-use the acronym

I worked for the same company for 25 years. When I left because they had a company range of mobile numbers they re-used my number for someone else. Today almost 5 years later he still gets calls for me. How frustrating must that be?

OCS is Oracle Cloud Services (the organisation that manages the cloud), but until very recently was Oracle Consulting Services, who have been renamed simply Oracle Consulting or OC. People are still using the old acronym and getting others confused.

And what prompted me to write this blog? answer = ABCS

Google TODAY thinks I mean PBCS - but glance down the list and you soon find there is ABCS, the original name for VBCS which I think is changing it's name again (still following?)

I loved the name ABCS it was a great acronym for a product aimed at citizen developers, and I wrote an Oracle Scene article in 2017 and a presentation I was very proud of; it had a great ring to it. 

Extending your Cloud HCM is as simple as ABCs. 

It's name was changed From Application Builder Cloud Service to Visual Builder Cloud Service. ABCS was not to be used................

Until last  week when Oracle launched ABCS Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service. Don't get me wrong I think blockchain has a big future in my area and I was excited about the launch

Oh and what does Oracle ACE stand for? Not sure this is official but Awesome Community Expert has a great ring to it!

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Thank you to all at UKOUG

My time on the board of UKOUG came to an end in March, and although I am still an active volunteer and have not left the organisation, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you.

First for the opportunity to grow both as an individual and in my professional career. I would recommend volunteering to anyone in our community, it will motivate and educate you.

I was very touched to receive a generous voucher from the board to say thank you for my service. 

I spent the money on a bench and some plants, so that I can enjoy the view from my house. 

As I said I haven't left, currently very busy with the Apps18 committee and hope you will agree we have a great agenda and will be joining us in Liverpool.  

I have also just applied for a role on Oracle Scene. You don't get rid of me that easily!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

OUGF 2018 - Kiitos kutsusta

Last Oracle Open World, Pasi Jaakkola the President of the Finnish User Group asked me if I would like to give an Applications keynote at their 2018 conference, their 30th Anniversary. 

I have spoken for this usergroup twice before, their 20th Anniversary Event and as part of an OTN Nordic Tour in 2014.

This year the event was held in Vanajanlinna just over an hour from Helsinki. Not only was it a fantastic location but it was unseasonably hot for Finland and just wonderful. I had a suite overlooking the lake and would love to take a holiday there sometime.

They provided a bus from the airport and we were given a little tour of the countryside including a visit to Pasi's home where we drank champagne as his family played music for us.

I had three presentations:
  1. My keynote - Cloud Applications, back to basics
  2. Extending Cloud Applications with VBCS
  3. Should I move to Cloud Applications, route to the Cloud
The Back to Basics session was the first of the conference, and as is common in Europe it was a predominately technical audience but they did seem interested. I talked about how the technology enabled the application and what components were used. I know Oracle tell you it doesn't matter, you are buying or rather subscribing to a solution, but organisations who have had on premise applications do want to know.

And even if the audience are not Oracle applications users, the principles of design are relevant to any development. As ever to me the measure of success was the number of questions I had, both during and after the presentation.

After lunch I had my other two presentations, one after the other.  The VBCS presentation was the first time I had used release 2 in a session and on the whole it behaved well, except for a small glitch at the very end on the mobile app. I had been more concerned about the wifi which had been patchy, but all worked out well. I really enjoy this presentation as I can make it relevant to the event, so we collected data on those intending to use the sauna. 

Then my final session was the 'route to cloud' that I gave not too long ago as community keynote in Dublin, and based on my Oracle Scene article at the end of last year. This prompted some questions around data centres and organisational strategies especially around cloud @ customer. 

Part of the reason I had such a great day was that the audience were interactive. Also there were some great speakers who asked questions and added answers to the conversation. 

That evening after a wonderful dinner it was time to enjoy the grounds of this amazing location. Finland is so far north it was way past 11pm before it was dark, and such a great time to relax and get to know people.

The Wednesday I had finished my sessions. Pasi works for Accenture, who you will remember have just acquired Certus and their global lead for the database, a fellow ACE Director Julian Dontcheff is also based in Finland. Also speaking were new colleagues from Enkitec and in total about 10 Accenture people in attendance so I was able to learn a bit more about how the company and specifically Oracle work.

This was a great conference, and I loved that I was able to present something new to a traditional audience and yet they all learnt and appreciated. The location was amazing and I'll certainly be back.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

UKOUG Applications Conference 2018

We need your input!

The Oracle Applications world as many different answers as there are user organisations. So what content do we need to include in our UKOUG_APPS 2018 Agenda?

When I first got involved with UKOUG, we simply has E Business Suite, sliced by the different modules. Today we still have EBS, but we also have those looking at Cloud, and those who have already moved. 

The apps tech community is busy supporting these applications at all levels of the stack and to extend them. 

Business Analytics and some Hyperion based solutions are now mainstream with Applications.

We have users using 3rd party tools to get the most from their Oracle investment. Reporting solutions, archiving, configuration management, tax and foreign exchange.

You can see where I am going, our communities can be sliced so many different ways. 

Then we also want to bring you off piste content, like innovation, business challenges and emerging subjects.

So please reach out and tell us what you want to hear about, comment here, on my twitter , linkedin, however you can find me. 

Even better share your story, submit before 4 June. Let us know if you need help turning it into a presentation, or coaching if it is your first attempt. We can help.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Thinking About Oracle Cloud Applications Support

Last week Oracle announced a revision to their Cloud Applications Support . At first glance it looks great, anything that gives the customer more is welcome.

I haven't seen a lot of commentary on this but I like this from Denis Beagle from my friends at Diginomica oracle-announces-autonomous-services-media-day, he talks about it being paid for from the actual subscription costs. I totally agree with that statement but actually think Oracle is moving some of the role of implementation and customer success into support. This makes sense, when Oracle only had a few customers they could have named people in these roles but as the size and quantity of deals has grown the roles have been stretched. Smaller customers are now managed off shore and to move some of their remit into support is an obvious step.

More of interest to me is the paid for support. The company I work for has a post go live support offering for Oracle Applications and have found it very appealing for those to want to continue taking up the continuous innovation and have a consultant at the end of the phone.  This is especially important during upgrade times and the new move to quarterly updates will change the way customers look at their systems.I don't think Oracle is offering that but time will tell.

Thanks to Tim Warner Certus-Solutions

In fact I am currently on a tour of our customers talking about the key changes relevant to them in the last major, traditional upgrade to R13. Knowing their implementations we can filter out the changes we don't think are relevant to them and it makes it a much more focused conversation. But for all of them understanding the new regime takes a little getting used to. 

Finally in this look at support, I also read about an agreement between Rimini Street and Salesforce for their cloud applications . It was a big surprise but made me think, would we ever see one between Oracle or SAP and Rimini Street?

VBCS Goes Technical - but i still love it

Last weekend VBCS was upgraded and in this new version (18.2.3) it is so much more technical to look at.

I first saw this release at the PaaS Forum in March and was deflated, I loved that the product was so easy to use and felt that it did have a market in the system support teams as EBS customers moved to Cloud Applications.

The Product Management team were very helpful, at the PaaS Forum, John Ceccarelli gave me an in-depth demo of the product and whilst I absolutely see the value to developers I felt it was going to be too technical for the user base I was looking at.

John and Angelo Santagata  explained the changes were based on feedback from customers, and although I suspect they were talking to IT, I have to accept that.

I tried to get a beta version of the system that didn't work out until just a week before the upgrade, but as I am a paid user of VBCS I got the upgrade last weekend anyway.

My interest in VBCS is for extending the applications, although it wasn't ADF the technology the applications are written in, it did have an apps UI template, so was ideal for this use case. Oracle are now investing a lot in enhancing the applications user experience, the first of which can be seen in the current R13. This initiative which is ongoing is based on JET, the technology behind VBCS, so this is going to be an even better way to extend the applications.

A few weeks ago at Collaborate 18 I presented my low code version of VBCS twice to application users and cemented my view that there is a market here. When I got back from the Forum in March I also spoke to a local Business Development Manager in UK and I haven't changed my mind.

I took the opportunity at Collaborate to visit the demo grounds and the VBCS stand. I didn't get a chance to speak to Shay Shmeltzer but I would like to say, look at his blog, he has always had good training material and I see he has added some great back to basics concepts for people using the new VBCS. 

I did speak to Brian Fry, who finally got me the beta demo sorted and explained to me that this was the technology being adopted more and more by internal development. So long term this is the right answer.

Brian also told me the most important thing, that the no code isn't going away it has been rebranded 'classic' and I can still use it. There is no upgrade (as far as I can see) from classic to standard, so if you create an app using classic you need to use classic to amend it.

So the upgrade happened and I opened the app with a little trepidation.  There were some issues previously with upgrades but this time all was well. It opened in 'Visual' mode and there were no applications. 

However once I selected 'Classic' they were all there. This weekend I had a chance to test and amend them and happy to say, all is well. 

I am a member of the Vsual Builder Cloud Service "Design Advisory Board" and regularly take part in UX projects around this product. Thanks to the Oracle ACE Program I have great access to product management.

For developers the increased functionality in VBCS is excellent, but they haven't switched off the low code which I and some of my customers are interested in. I suspect the Visual side will grow and grow but that is OK, because as that maturity grows, so will the need to extend applications cloud and then it will be over to the developers.

If you want to have a go, try it with a cloud trial account. Try Oracle Cloud for Free

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Sharing in Success - The Next Chapter in Certus

Mergers and Acquisitions are all the rage at the moment - Yesterday's Financial Times reported deals are now higher than before the 2007 crash.

On Monday amongst several high profile deals (Sprint, T Mobile ; Marathon Petroleum,  Andeavor : Sainsbury, Asda) you could be forgiven for missing the very exciting announcement: Certus is joining Accenture

This is all about the success of Certus and whilst the future looks great and full of opportunity for us all, I want to talk about why Certus were so attractive to Accenture.

The Certus story is about 2 people who believed that there was an opportunity to enter the Oracle Applications market when it was first announced Fusion would move to cloud and caused disruption for the existing partners. 

In turn Certus disrupted that market even further.  They surrounded themselves with like-minded experts to grow, and again at each stage of their success, they added another layer. 

They reached out to Oracle Development and spent many months, learning and proving their commitment. Then they used their learning to train people, becoming an Oracle Education partner. Customer projects followed and soon their first full Fusion implementation. They grew and grew.

There was no shortage of people wanting to join Certus, anyone who wanted to work with Cloud Applications knew Certus had real work.

Their reputation grew with their success and was recognised by customers, Oracle and other ecosystem. This week after the announcement I have had many congratulations for Certus - another great testament.

So proud to have been part of this success and to be part of the future. Accenture have bought a great team.