Friday 11 October 2013

OOW 2013 Main Messages

It has taken me two weeks to post so you will have heard all the messages from OOW, but this is what I took away as important. 

Database, Middleware, BI, Java all available as well as many applications.
For me this means the opportunities for partners have changed and for user groups we need to move more towards the end user rather than the developer for some of the apps.


In Memory options - love this concept and look forward to hearing more on how this will change the way we work.


Fusion on track - some interesting numbers quoted and am still thinking about what that tells us, I also want to follow up on some of the commentary post OOW.

EBS 12.2 available - at last, people have been waiting fro this for a long time but how long before we start to hear customer feedback.

More modules available in the cloud - not really news only to be expected.

M6-32 Big Memory Database Machine - as a manufacturing company, Oracle need to keep coming out with new machines or they will lose credibility. They also set out their strategy as the Data Center for the Future.
All the keynotes can be replayed here.
There are some excellent blog post, these are my favourites:

I also liked the buzz around the Internet of Things and where that might take us in the future.

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