Sunday, 21 September 2008

Best Place to be in San Francisco

Where do you think this blog is being sent from?

Moscone Centre, Hilton, Marriott Bar, Union Square or Fishermans Wharf? No I am in a special user group meeting in the Mid Rise Elevator of the Downtown Marriott! Myself from UKOUG and Mike Riley from ODTUG,Security can't help and OTIS will be 45 minutes.

I dont have that much battery left on my PC but we can chat till then.....

Last time I saw Mike was at ODTUG in New Orleans in the summer and I wanted a Big Yellow School Bus and now all I want is a San Francisco Fire Department (Hunk, good looking please).

It is 0138 hours UK but 1738 SFO time, we have a mobile phone and currently are still laughing but Kathleen from ODTUG suggested i sent a blog so here you are, if I'm not ready for my first presentation you know why....

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