Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Another Great Dane

Two blogs in one day and both about Great Oracle Danes (GODS?), but please DO NOT think this blog is anything what so ever to do with the earlier one. Perhaps they should get a listing here :)

You may well have heard today, the Oracle rumour mill has been very busy, that Jesper Andersen has resigned from Oracle.

I have been in touch and he tells me he is going to Cisco to head up their Network Management team.

Jesper has been the executive sponsor of the IOUC Product Development Committee from the start of the PDC and his decision to work through a single channel for Fusion was the catalyst for this committee representing all user groups globally to come and work together and achieve all that we have for our respective members. I want to thank Jesper for the encouragement and support he has given our group and ultimately our members.

Personally I want to thank him for his presentation and engagement style. Whether he speaks to a large audience or a single customer, he manages to explain clearly the subject and leave everybody with a better understanding. In my own user group UKOUG he received the highest possible scoring last year and won the praise of our Financials Special Interest Group leader which is an achievement in itself. We will miss him.

There is NO truth in the rumour that him leaving it is related to him being accidentally introduced in Paris recently as a different kind of Scandinavian when he said ‘Make the most of this presentation, I won’t be back’.:)

I will always think fondly of Jesper and think of him as "Mr Fusion" and wish him well in the future.

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