Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What is your favourite Database Feature? Come Hear Ours at Oracle Open World

It is that time again, the run up to Oracle Open World and as is now tradition the EMEA Oracle User Groups are bringing you another two hours of ACE DBAs short talks.

The past two years they have had just a few minutes to share with you new features. This year we are shaking it up a little and they are sharing their favourite features, regardless of when it appeared. 

For me (and I'm not a DBA or even technical anymore), my favourite feature was the reason I moved to Oracle, or at least that is the myth I have created. I used to be an Ingres Programmer and Oracle had an 'ALTER' clause which they didn't!

So please join us for 2 hours of great fun. 

Currently the sessions are listed as OGF2630 & 2632 but we hope to have them merged in the next few days. Please sign up so we know what to expect.

Sunday 1 - 3pm Moscone South - 102

They are against the Clock and we will cut them off if they overrun. 

The running order is based on when the feature was introduced so it is a bit like a time-lapse video of the database history. It will be fun, don't miss it.

David Kurtz Instrumentation
Sten Vesterli DBMS_RANDOM
Bjoern Rost services
Christian Antognini Parallel Processing
Franck Pachot Transportable Tablespaces
Alex Nuijten Analytic Functions
Osama Mustafa  RAC
Kamran Aghayev Clusterware
Tim Hall Data Pump (expdp / impdp)
Carl Dudley The recyclebin
Maris Elsins Tracing by DBMS_MONITOR

Oren Nakdimon Edition-Based Redefinition
Peter Scott The LISTAGG analytic function and some novel ways to use it!
Brendan Tierney Predictive Queries in Oracle 12c
Oded Raz Data Redaction Hacking, Privilege Analysis, SQL/CL
Philip Brown 12c Privilege Analysis
Lucas Jellema SQL Pattern recognition
OEM 13c Database Consolidation Advisor
Kim Berg Hansen JSON_TABLE and other JSON query methods
Gurcan Orhan connecting ODI to cloud services
Frits Hoogland The dire need of database administration automation
Martin Widlake Corrections to all prior topics

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