Sunday 29 April 2018

2018 Collaborate - Certus Presentatons

Certus had 5 sessions at Collaborate, with both Quest and OAUG.

My first presentation was on Chatbots with HCM Cloud. This isn't the concept of internal chatbots with HR Helpdesk, but using Oracle Mobile to create a chatbot. Thank you again to Grant and Rohit for all your help.

I had a good crowd for what was the first delegate session after the main keynote. Tim Warner, my boss was my assistant and thanks to the audience gave me a 100% pay rise to keep me after I threatened to resign via the instant app in the chatbot. Great fun.
Then there was something new, Turbo Talks. Here OAUG had small areas in the exhibition hall. They had cardboard seats and using a mobile app could tune into one of 4 simultaneous talks. Mine was on the different ways you can extend Cloud Applications, and the pros and cons of each. There were a couple of technical blips but it was great fun and I would certainly do it again.

The third presentation was Tim's - he talked about the new UX in HCM Cloud Release 13 and the new patching regime. We validate or test the releases in advance for development, and have done 3 upgrades internally. There are a lot of changes, R13 is a real big upgrade but them we move to quarterly updates. It is really difficult to get your head around it and I got back to our first quarterly upgrades and they weren't exactly as expected!!

Then I had one more presentation to give, my VBCS presentation, with my now 'legendary' live demo to create a new app, link it to a HCM API, integrate it into the HCM menu and then top it off with a mobile app. It was so popular I did it twice! This presentation is based on the original article I wrote for Oracle Scene.

My Mobile App

I had a great time presenting and hopefully all the attendees learnt something.

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