Sunday, 8 April 2018

Women in Technology - Paying it Forward

At the UKOUG conferences in December I had the pleasure of inviting Caroline Apsey to talk about what Oracle are doing supporting the Bloodhound project.

Afterwards I asked Caroline if she would consider an interview with Oracle Scene about being a WIT with such a high profile and she was happy to do so with her colleague and Oracle Intern Lahini Sivaganeshan.

This Oracle Scene was so successful we are going to do a series of interviews and I already have women lined up for the rest of the year! We hope to include two of the students who attended OUG Ireland a few weeks ago.

Then Caroline asked me if I would talk about UKOUG and how we select papers for conferences and how that includes encouraging women. This was at a meetup she arranged in Oracle just before Easter.

Career Developer: CFPs + Presentations + Life Coaching!

Abi Giles-Haigh
Another speaker was Abi Giles-Haigh, a great UKOUG speaker who has won both a highest judging paper and best new speaker with us, as well as being recognised for her work by Oracle.

In fact Abi has an article on her work again in this edition of Oracle Scene.
Helen Cottee

The evening finished with a life coach Helen Cottee talking about confidence and I loved it.

WIT groups should be about this, encouraging each other through our networks and hopefully in just these few examples you can see how one thing leads to another.

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