Sunday, 24 April 2016

C16LV - User Group Focus

As at last year's event, user groups from around the world took the opportunity to get together and talk with Oracle. Jeb DaSteel and he gave us an update on initiatives started last year and shared with us a few ideas Global Customer Programs have for the coming year.

One of those initiatives will have a bearing on my own role in the day job, so whilst I can't share the details yet I can tell you they are very positive and look forward to them.

May 31st or Oracle Year End always sees changes in organisations within Oracle and this year there will be some in the User Group Team, it will be interesting to see exactly what that means, and change is a good thing.

The Oracle team arranged some special sessions for user group leaders, small Q&A sessions with a few key Oracle speakers. 

Prior to the event there was a combined survey across the users' groups on people's attitude towards Cloud and Digital Adoption and this was discussed in the first keynote Trends & Technologies Shaping Your Future. One of the top concerns was security, so I was really pleased that I was able to attend the User Group Q&A on security with Ben Nelson

This is an example of how Oracle facilitate networks with key parts of their organisation and the user groups, so that your leaders can have access to briefings and are able to ask questions you the members need answering.

Michelle Malcher past President of IOUG has just written a book on User Group Leadership and I was honoured to be given a signed copy. For anyone thinking about getting involved or understanding more I would certainly recommend it.

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