Sunday, 24 April 2016

I Love My Job But Time to Move

When I joined Certus Solutions in Sept 2014, I loved that it was a small organisation where the owners Mark Sweeny and Tim Warner were betting everything on Fusion Apps. They believed in the Cloud and that there was a gap in the market for a niche partner.

They started weigh a few other industry experts and the first few years as told in Mark's own blog was a hard struggle, but by the time I arrived they had won the hearts and minds of both Oracle Development and a handful of customers, when most other partners were struggling to even start the move.

There were just over 20 people in Certus when I joined. Originally they had an associate model but over that year had moved to an employee model. Success was coming regularly and the team get growing, and last year they bought a small partner in Australia to grow there as well. 

The New Office and Cakes to Celebrate
Now Certus is over 60 people and we had simply out grown the office. You never get everyone in, many people work from home or on customer sites but even for a single project meeting it was hard to find space. So in the middle of last year they started to look for bigger premisses and last Friday we moved. Not far, we used to be at the back of Guildford station and now we are at the front.

The new office is lovely, lots of space, lots of light and lots of meeting areas. We had a company meeting and Maria, who along with some help from Dodie, Charlene and Megan had worked flat out on the process, provided a small celebration, and we didn't have enough chairs!

Congratulations to Certus, it is a great team to be part of and I really can say 'I love my job'.

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