Monday 14 April 2014

Going on Record about Fusion Apps & Cloud

I had the opportunity to speak to Dennis Howlett at Collaborate last week in Vegas.

I have known Den for many years and love his style. He may be out spoken but I trust him and his integrety so when he asked if I would sit for his video series I was more than happy to.

We found a quiet corner at Collaborate 14 in Vegas and I talked so much he had to edit it into 3 parts.

I am very happy with the finished videos but, and this is my fault, I say Release 8 of Fusion Applications is immenent which may be confuising to some, Release 8 in fact it went GA (General release) in March, but has not yet been upgraded for all exisiting cloud customers which I was referring to.

Den also wrote a blog posting to go with the videos. He says the nicest things.

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