Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Finished - Pressure Over

Yesterday I gave my JDE Presentation and two things happened that made my day. One person from the audience told me it was the best presentation he had attended and it should have been a keynote, and Nadia Bendejdou attended and was very complimentary.

I want to publically say thank you to both Nadia and Nishit Rao from the Fusion Middleware Team for all his help on this.

The Oracle ACE Program is about recognising 'Software Evangelists' and empowering them with the knowledge whilst leaving them independant of Oracle. Thanks again for including me in that program.

Nadia and I also demonstrated the Oracle Applications Planning Tool we have developed in the IOUC and took part in a panel session.

So my official duties are over and I can get on with enjoying the conference. There is some Fusion Application demos which I am also looking forward to.

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