Sunday 3 May 2009

Collaborate 09

Today is the big day, Collaborate starts.

I am speaking in teh QUEST stream about Fusion Technology for both JDE and PeopleSoft, what do I know about these applications I hear you ask and you are right, I know nothing, but I have friends who do and they will be on hand to answer questions.

The Oracle ACE Fusion Middleware program has helped me to demo the technology to EBS audiences and my sessions have been very well received by the business community. QUEST asked me to do the same for their applications and with the help of Nishit Rao of Oracle I have some canned demos of SOA to bring the message right back to their applications.

I ma also demoing the Future Applications Planning Tool on Wednesday with Nadia Bendjedou, this is a tool the user groups under the IOUC have been developing to help you articulate and understand how Oracle Technology and Best Practices can help your Organisation.

I will of course also drop in on the Fujitsu stand and help out with my American Cousins.

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