Monday, 7 September 2015

Thank you Certus for a Great Year

Last week I celebrated a year at Certus. They gave me a lovely press release to welcome me in 2014 and this is a good time to see what we, Certus have achieved.

I did this at the six month point, and the last paragraph said "Certus is the leading HCM Cloud implementer in the UK and wants to move towards that in ERP. I want to be part of that journey and after 6 months can defiantly say I made the right choice"

My first anniversary coincides with the end of Oracle's Q1, and we managed two wins, one an exciting HCM implementation for yet another big brand name and a combined ERP / HCM implementation. In fact today we held the project kick off for this project which means I get to have my hands really dirty for a while.

Part of the success is how we work with Oracle, and on Saturday we hosted some of their team at our annual corporate hospitality at the rugby. Sales isn't my main area but one of the team was unable to attend so I was eventually persuaded to take his place. 

Oh the irony, I love rugby, and was so excited to be asked, although to be honest I wanted a different result. I have lived in N Ireland so long I am a big supporter, rugby unites everyone in Ireland, North & South and has no religious divide. But England deserved their win and everyone had a wonderful day.

It is also just a few weeks since we moved up to Platinum Level as a partner. When I first talked to Certus I said I thought this was important and the whole team has stepped up with taking exams. For a small company that means almost everyone was involved, not just a few people from a large company who can be given this as a project. 

The company is also growing with 5 new starts over as many weeks as we ramp up with more customers. We also recently announced we are looking at expanding into AsiaPac.

We are also planning our Open World participation. Four of the Certus team are attending plus one of our customers. Many partners talk about their customers, ours wants to talk about it themselves and as well as presenting will also be talking to analysts and development about their experiences. More about that in a later post.

As I recently said, how lucky can one girl be? Well it isn't luck, Certus have a plan, they take measured steps to achieve what they want and if you haven't yet please vote for them in the UKOUG Partner Awards.

Oh, and I still love my job!

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