Sunday, 26 June 2011


BMI Inflight Magazine

I often finish a tweet with the tag '#Ilovemyjob' or say so in a blog, I am extremely proud of what I do in Fujitsu and the company itself. I may be old fashioned but I have been with the same employer for 23years.

Heathrow Airport Ireland Jetty
Fujitsu though didn't used to have much open marketing in the high street and even in parts of the IT world, and often I felt we were missing out. It has changed over the past few years and now I see it all around me, and I like it
Copenhagen Airport

These pictures are some of the ones I have spotted in my travels, which centre around airports, clever placement.
Helsinki security tray

I am very proud of a few things, UKOUG, my committee at the IOUC and my being an ACE director, whenever I see something from them I feel good, and that is how I feel about these adverts.

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