Saturday, 9 April 2011

Enabling the ACEs

The Fusion UX Advocates program is excellent. I moan that Fusion Apps have not yet been released but people want to see it and with permission those in the ACE Program who have been trainned can demo via a viewlet, 13 minutes of the look and feel of Fusion. More than enough to show why this user experience is so superior.

I gave the first demo in Denver at RMOUG, and did my 2nd demo in Dublin last week. I shared the stage with Liam Nolan of Apps Dev and I loved it. Ultan o'Broin from the UX team who is based locally wrote about it in their blog, and said such nice things about the demo.

The demo will be given 3 times at collaborate this week, by colleagues of mine from the program and then Wednesday I will be doing it at Miracle Open World in Denmark to the most technical audience ever. A few weeks later again in Germany as part of their apps day.

We are looking to expand the group amongst the ACE Program and this is yet another example of how the Oracle philosophy of empowering their most active and inspiring community members pays off. I have spoken to friends who are Microsoft MVP and looked at the SAP Mentors program and those schemes are not as powerful as the ACE Program. Well done Oracle for your wider thinking.

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