Sunday, 14 April 2019

2019 - OUG Ireland

This was an in and out conference for me.

It’s a two day event and this year it was the 15th Irish User Event and I have attended everyone. I even remember the board meeting when regional events were first suggested and I offered to champion this, my local event. I led it for many years and am still a volunteer under the leadership of Simon Holt.

Unfortunately I could not stay for both days, I had to rush back to London for the Oracle Partner Awards, where Accenture had been nominated. John Able was the keynote speaker, and as ever excellent, he really understands this community. John and Tony Cassidy also had to rush back to London for the awards.

I was there the night before and had an opportunity to have dinner with Alex Nuijten and to celebrate the recent promotion to ACE Director for Patrick Barel. Leaving early meant I couldn't be ring-girl for the 2nd bout between Alex and Chris Saxon, but Maria Colgan helped out, I'll be back again for the next one at Kscope in June

I had two presentations, Chatbots and Extending SaaS with VBCS. Both had a good audience and lots of questions. The VBCS was the first time I had given this specific example and the conversation was more about the principle in general rather than this use case.

I managed to chat with Maria Colgan and then Tim Hall, and have a look around the very impressive exhibition hall. I hope to be back next year.

And as for the awards, Accenture won Cloud Implementer or the Year. 

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