Saturday 2 September 2017

Tradition and Innovation: EOUC Short Talks at OOW17

Three years ago Ralf Koelling from the DOAG suggested that the EOUC use one or two of their small allocation of usergroup sessions at OOW17 to showcase more of the wonderful talent we have in EMEA.

At the time people were talking about the upcoming 12c Database and since lots of DBAs were at OOW anyway with the ACE Director Program we reached out and said would they like to do a short talk and yes they did. I said at the time where else would you get so many experts in one session? 12 on 12c spoke that year.

It was such fun, the time counts down with a clock projected onto the wall, and it is obvious how much effort speakers have made to get their point across in such a short time.

2015 and we did it again, this time with no break between the sessions we moved up to 16 speakers. More than 12 on 12c. 

Then last year it was fully a tradition and we asked the speakers to pick their favourite feature of the database and they didn't disappoint, 22 stepped up to the plate.

Since last year Oracle, the ACE program and OOW has moved some of its priorities and as well as the very visible priority of Cloud, Code is also been given a lot more exposure. 

OTN who manage the ACE Program have recently launched another program of Dev Champions, so this year we are splitting the EOUC talks into ACE and Dev.

The ACE Quick Fire Talks has 8 speakers with 5 minutes each.

EOUC Database ACES Share Their Favorite Database Things
Sunday, Oct 01, 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. | Marriott Marquis (Golden Gate Level) - Golden Gate C1/C2

Frank Pachot dbms_xplan.display_cursor
Robin Moffatt Apache Kafka
Heli Helskyaho Data Guide
Christian Antognini Partial Indexes
Julian Dontcheff Oracle RAC on Third-Party Clouds
Oren Nakdimon Collections in SQL
M.Fevzi Korkutata WebLogic Multitenancy
Mahir M. Quluzade Data Guard 12.2

Then we will have the Dev Champion speakers who have 6 minutes each to tell us what it is they do:

EOUC Developer Champions Show the Cool Tech They Use

Sunday, Oct 01, 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. | Marriott Marquis (Golden Gate Level) - Golden Gate C1/C2

Johan VosJava from Mobile to Cloud
Tim Hall Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)
Lonneke Dikmans JavaScript, machine learning, blockchain, Java, iOT, devops
Frank Munz From a custom built Raspberry Pi based Docker Swarm cluster to Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS)
Lucas Jellema Learning More Everyday 
Bjoern Rost Poor-man's CDC for kafka streaming

Make sure you sign up to these sessions in your schedule, it will be such good fun.

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