Saturday, 18 March 2017

Cloud, Twelve and the Oracle Office of Confusion

At the end of January I explained why I am forced to use the 'F' word again. The confusion between Cloud Apps or Cloud on Apps is growing. I recently heard about a senior person who thought EBS on Cloud was Fusion!

Currently I am validating Release 12 before it is available for standard upgrades next month. If I say that in my office everyone knows what I mean. Release 12 of the SaaS, Cloud or Fusion Applications.

But I also listened to a webcast on Friday evening with Oracle Development which was about a new Cloud service bundle for mid-size customers  with bundles for fusion-based CX, ERP and HCM, that introduces multi tenancy for the first time. This is huge news for Oracle as it drives the price down even more as customers can share an application but unlike other vendors they are not sharing any data or even the database utilising the private database containers introduced in Release 12 - of the database.

And in the spirit of confusion, I nearly missed the webcast because the US have adopted daylights savings already and our clocks don't change until the end of March!

Fusion Middleware, not to be confused with Fusion apps is also at release 12 and can you guess what version E Business Suite customers are on?

So please don't just say Release 12, or Cloud, stop, think and articulate carefully and then ensure the person you are talking to has the same understanding as you.

Don't worry it will get better and then it will be as clear as mud.


Tim... said...

I agree. It is quite scary how many people think it is just eBusiness Suite on the Oracle Public Cloud! I think the "Oracle Cloud Apps" name is a mistake as it doesn't differentiate itself enough from any other app running on the Oracle Public Cloud.



Debra Lilley said...

that's why I have been forced to go back to using the 'F' word!!!!