Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What Can I Say?

Have you ever taken part in a sponsored silence? Well that is how I feel with a Non Disclosure Agreement with Oracle. I have spoken before in this blog that as a blogger who is encouraged by Oracle I find it difficult to decide what is under NDA and what isn’t. Fusion Applications definitely are and when ever someone tells me it is vapour ware or never going to happen I get very frustrated and have to bite my tongue, again as I have said before I have seen it and love it.

But don't get me wrong, I am honoured to have the access and happy to be under an NDA.

Well now I can say something because Thomas Kurian has gone on record with Information Week.

Basically work has started with customers who have the required appetite to move to Fusion, yes it will be a carefully choreographed program and still a long way off from General Availability, but we can wait, we want not only an excellent application but proven migration paths and as many issues as possible resolved.

So the gag isn’t lifted yet but I have come up for air and now remain silent before I step out of line.


Unknown said...

Debra, fantastic presentation at RMOUG! Great insights and perspective on Oracle Fusion Applications. Anyone interested in Oracle Fusion Middleware should plan on attending this presentation. The applications and the technology are like words and music. :)

So far my favorite presentation of the conference.

Unknown said...

Debra, fantastic presentation at RMOUG! Great insights on Oracle Fusion Middleware from an applications perspective. My favorite presentation of the conference so far. Applications and technology in Oracle Fusion are like words and music. :)