Sunday, 4 January 2009

Fusion Applications - What I dont want

My great friend Floyd has written a blog entry 'mea maxima culpa' where he talks about his prediction that we would see Fusion applications in 2008.

I don't think Floyd should apologise and neither do I think Oracle should (even though they did say originally we would see the full suite in 2008) but I would like them to talk a little bit more about them. I don't want the suite made available just because it is a date, (although I would hold out to 31 January before I accepted it wasn't released in 2008), we don't want Fusion until it is ready. The quality of Oracle software has improved but a first release is always going to be a big risk and we want it as perfect as possible.

Floyd and I are very privileged and have seen what has been developed and were both blown away, unfortunately we can't say much more than that as it is still under non disclosure but Steve Miranda did demo some of it in a general session at open World and I believe he will repeat this at Collaborate .

I don't think there is anyone out there desperate to be on the Fusion Applications suite tomorrow but there are lots of people who want and feel they need to know what it contains so that they can make their short and mid term decisions based on what the longer term will bring. Knowing the technology means they can start to look at what skills they will need for maintenance and extending, they will then feel more confident around using these skills in the shorter term.

I have been talking to more technical people and we think this is a very important message and one I will be addressing at RMOUG in February.

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