Saturday, 21 May 2022

Such Fun and Hopefully Useful - My Afternoons with ACEs slot


Yesterday I took part in 'Afternoons with ACES' - a conversational approach to sharing Oracle expertise.

The topic was 'Extending SaaS with PaaS and how innovation has changed that', but we also talked about User Group events and my plans for the conference season. 

We are in a difficult period. Without technology, zoom, teams, skype, GoToMeeting etc, we would not have survived the pandemic commercially, however people are, to be fair, looking to reduce their screen time as we try to get back to normal, and optional webcasts are becoming less popular. Numbers are dropping a bit and no shows rising, (when you were in lockdown there were less distractions).

For me, and fellow speakers, most of us are excited by in person events, but covid is still here and people are correctly sending away if testing positive even if asymptomatic. Many people are still working for home, or in a hybrid world, and their organisations are not keen to let them go to events. So numbers are not as high as they could be, especially amongst end users. But user groups need to hold their ground, for both virtual and in person, if they give up, there will be nothing to go back to.

As I said in the last post I have 3 in person conferences in June, and am typing this as a break to the packing.

We then moved to the advertised title. #PaaS4SaaS, the development tools for extending SaaS, how to approach it and how the portfolio has gone from strength to strength. Discussed APIs and how SaaS is update proofed which does mean checking your extensions as part of your update cycles.

I also had a shout out for KSCOPE  with ODTUG, the Modern Apps Development track has lots for the #SaaS world, VBCS, Digital Assistant, APIs etc and whilst you are there cram for your OCI exams. Still time to come and join us, it will be amazing.

Thank you for the invite Lee Briggs and Thomas Simkiss and please have me back again.

You can listen to the replay here

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