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2019 Oracle Open World - The Messages Important to Me

Gosh, there are so many OOW blogs where do you start, and will I just regurgitate everyone else?

For me my top tip would be to take Oracle's advice and watch the keynotes which are all online:

Then look at Analyst write-ups, these are my go to ones:

Den Howlett Diginomica specifically about Steve Miranda's content

Other Diginomica OOW Blogs - also fun to read and this one from Brian Sommer

Ray Wang and Holger Mueller from ConstellionR, now their blogs on OOW aren't online yet but look at their tweets from the event (#OOW19)

And some articles, this is my favourite CIO Magazine with lots more links to detail.

Over the Partner Forum, ACE Director Briefing and Open World itself I heard most of the announcements and had a little time to digest and ask questions, but have certainly started to rewatch and consider 'what next?', how does this affect me, my colleague and most importantly my customers?

Technically, the top announcement for me was the Always Free Autonomous Database Offering because people like to try things out and although Oracle have free trials for most of their Cloud Technology offerings this goes a long way to match the old 'SE' version of the database but give so much of the innovation of autonomous. The ability to build something with this and use it, will inspire the old and new to Oracle alike. I would also like to call out the APEX team, this is the obvious use of the offering and is a great testament to the product and their community, something I have mentioned before.

At the ACE Director Briefings I met a Java Champion who chose to accept an invitation to join us. I asked him 'why?', and he said he creates lots of little apps using lots of technology but Oracle's latest database options gives him the possibility of bringing them all together using the Oracle Cloud Container Kubernetes Service (OKE). I loved this, new meets old innovation.

The analytics for Fusion are very important for me, I don't think they have a wide enough coverage for everyone yet, but the roadmap looks great and cloud means it is delivered as soon as it is ready.

Applications is my area and so much is going into them, not least the new branding - the 'Redwood' shared by Steve Miranda and Hilell Cooperman 


Steve Miranda and Hilell Cooperman
Actually the branding has blown me away, and missing my one-to-one with Hilell, thanks to my travel woes saddens me. Since he started at Oracle he told me to expect big things but that he couldn't discus until it was ready to share and not just in the apps. Well this was not expected.

Here Hilell shares his thoughts and Steve Miranda's synopsis of OOW.

To me it isn't just about a fresh, exciting look at the Apps, although I can't wait to see it released. 

The brand is also about the company, perhaps removing Oracle itself from the brand. Making it more customer centric. When I went to register I was really shocked, Howard Street was not closed as it has been for every of the 15 previous Open World's I have attended. To be fair the changes to the Moscone Centre itself means it is much easier to move from North to South , but that as well as no boat in the closed area, meant it wasn't the traditional look. The branding itself is more subtle, no BIG RED ORACLE, and completely different colours. No big banners on buildings and much less intrusive flags on poles.

Everyone I spoke to noticed the change, it was not only at the event but in the presentations and will make its way into the offerings. This is something I am excited to see happen and hope that we see this developing over time.

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