Tuesday 19 December 2017

UKOUG 2017 Certus Content

In UKOUG_apps17 Certus had a few sessions.

Tim Warner kicked off the conference with 'What comes first, ERP or HCM?' in the first session on Monday morning. The room was full and very interested in what he had to say. 

The session is based on our experience and some work we have done with the HCM Centre of Excellence who have written this paper on the best practices, two of the case studies are from Certus. I was at the back of the room but Tim got me to explain exactly what we had done. 

I think it is great that Cloud apps sessions have gone beyond just, we moved from A to B, to giving some actually, specific learnings.

Then I did my extending HCM presentation. 3 demos live. Since I had had so much success soon these on the APAC tour I was feeling quite confident, until Angelo Santagata  entered the room as my Session Chair. Angelo is very technical and I was worried it might vocalise anything i was doing wrong but actually he gave me good feedback.

Tuesday, Ramya Govindarajan and I shared the 'Delivering Excellence, DHL Case Study. They went live in Spain and Singapore in the past few weeks and Ramya explained how new functionality in R12, allowed them to simplify their users. 

We did intend to have a whole session on Jobs and Positions and Areas of Responsibility, but have deferred that to a later SIG or webcast when we can also include R13 content.

Caryn enjoying the party
On Wednesday Caryn Berlingieri who looks after Change Management in Certus, hosted a round table along with Sandy Boyd from Oracle and Hayley Taylor from DHL.

It was great to have such a range of Certus content, based on the many implementations we have done.

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