Wednesday, 3 August 2016

OTN Latin America Tour 2016

I hope you followed us on twitter with the hashtag #OTNTourLA.

This is my 5th Latin America Tour, I am so privileged to have those opportunities, an employer who sees the value and no family at home to moan about me being away.

The OTN Tour in Latin America is split between North and South, and full details (in Spanish) are on the OTN site. The OTN Latin America Community is run by Pablo Ciccarello.  
If you follow each link you can also find Pablo's photos from each event.

This year I am on the North Tour, I did this tour previously in 2014 and in 2012

Before it even started
1st       Panama 
3rd       Costa Rica
5th       Mexico
8th       Guatemala
The journey to Colombia
11/12   Colombia 

A few statistics:  13 flights, 40+ flying hours,15,839 miles flown, 8 hotels.

As well as local speakers ORACLE ACE Directors: Tim Gorman(USA), Tim Hall (UK), Osama Mustafa (Jordania), Alex Zaballa(Brasil), Debra Lilley(UK) did various parts of the tour, although only Tim and I did the whole tour.

This happens because the co-ordinators Nelson Calero and Gustavo Gonzalez create the tours so a big thank you to them. Also thank you to the individual user groups and especially to OTN and Jennifer, who fund our travel. 

Thank you for all your help and support.

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