Saturday, 5 December 2015

APAC OTN Tour 2015 - Sydney

Pythian hosted this meetup in Sydney and we had a great day, two tracks covering a range of topics. 

My sessions were late in the day but I got the opportunity to listen to some of the others.

Richard Foote had a really interactive session on indexes and then he talked about Database Performance Diagnostics. This isn't my area (too technical) but I love to listen to sessions outside my comfort zone, that's a great way to learn.

I then spent some time with new colleagues who came over to say hallo. Certus has just bought a cloud partner in Australia because we firmly believe it is a market that is growing and in the same way in the UK we have shown how a small but niche partner can succeed we are confident we can do it there too.
Connor McDonald

There is some amazing speakers within Australia, and whilst some of them now work for Oracle that does not stop them being community based. 

Speakers (photo courtesy of Kai)

There was a good crowd all day and most people stayed to the very end where they were able to attend the networking session and then the best thing of the day someone asked me how they could start presenting.

Thank you Sydney

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MarkSindone said...

Ah, the mark of a good talk - when everyone manages to stay right to the end and are asking relevant questions! Haha! Reminds me of every time I wanted to speak to my self storage team and someone always looks like they're falling asleep!