Sunday, 17 August 2014

LAOTNTOUR 2014 - Panama 4th August

Having arrived at Miami with 3 hours before my connecting flight I was hoping for a chance to grab some food, but I hadn't factored on the queueing, immigration, baggage, customs, check in and security, arriving at the gate with only 5 minutes to spare. although the flight didn't actually take off for another 2 hours due to an air traffic control technical issue, oh how I would have appreciated that information, but the few announcements there were, were all in Spanish.

This tour was well organised and there was a chance to see Panama the day before the conference but due to having great friends visiting at home I didn't fly in early enough. I did hope I might get the chance between sessions however it appears rain in Panama is worse than Belfast and I gave up on that idea as well.

The user group leader in Panama Edguardo Sanchez works for the Panama Canal Company as well as lecturing at Universidad Latina where the event was held.

All students have to do a Technology module and some of the delegates where business majors . I loved this, I talked to them about the need to be able to speak to technical people and vice versa. Some of the students had been there for 3 years and never even said had hallo. Today in IT, business pays the bills and those in IT who go far are the ones who can identify and articulate the business value. Equally business people need to appreciate what technology can do for them.

One of the students who is doing a business degree in tourism really got it and we had a good discussion about systems in that industry.

But let's go back a little. When I did arrive in Panama my travelling Colleagues made some comment about me giving the keynote and I thought they were joking, until someone else mentioned it in the morning and I realised I was. I had offered to talk about Communities and they had taken me up on the offer. Note to self, look at complete revised agendas in full. But I didn't mind I am very proud of being an ACE Director and was happy to do my bit. 

Apparently in Brazil, there was a video to go with the presentation that I starred in, I haven't seen it but Tom Kyte teased me about it. I don't mind.

The Panama Canal Company uses Oracle everywhere, from the database through to E Business Suite and I had a good conversation with their CIO around the way applications are going in Oracle.

Panama was a great start to the tour.

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