Sunday, 6 January 2013

Roundup (Finally) of UKOUG

Exactly a month after UKOUG2012 finished I have finally got around to blogging about it.

Before hand I talked about what we were hoping to bring to the conference and it delivered. Everyone had a great time, learnt a lot, met up with old friends and made new ones; all in the name of getting more out of our Oracle Investment.

Sunday was excellent, The OakTable Sunday returned along with a FMW afternoon and both were full. Unfortunately I was unable to attend either as we had a Council Meeting for most of the day.

The main conference kicked off on Monday with Lisa Dobson as Vice President giving a fantastic presentation on Where UKOUG has been and where it is going. I was very touched by the thank you she gave me for my time as President and Fujitsu for their support.

The Oracle Keynote was Dermot O'Kelly and then the ever funny Andrew Sutherland. Both giving us what we need to know about Oracle but with a local bias.

I led the task force for UKOUG2012 and the whole group simply wanted to deliver the best conference we could. One of the changes made to previous years was to have all the Community Keynotes run at the same time, to ensure each community had a full contingent and clarity of what their stream had to offer, by putting the keynote first. It meant we had slightly fewer sessions available but I think it worked, The Executives appreciated it and I heard good things from the delegates which is the main measure.

Monday evening Martin Corry bought the house down with his witty commentary on his Rugby Life, I loved the fact he said "I'll take questions, but remember I work for Oracle now, so the answer is probably Exadata".

I can't post about everything but things I want to comment on at UKOUG2012 are:

Most of the photos are from the UKOUG collection which you can find on Facebook, and thank you to Liesbeth for permission to share them.


JAYT said...

UKOUG was once again a valuable event. As well as some useful technical insights into what was coming up in Version 12c, and some tips on user experiences in the current version, chance led me to meeting the one person in Oracle Corp I needed to speak to about a recent upgrade episode - in the Irish pub!

Misha Vaughah said...

I have to say I just love your wrap up posts. I can't ever get to everything I want to and this is the perfect way to get all the details. Super neat to see all the IPAs too. Thanks for writing these Debra!