Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fusion and UKOUG

This year at UKOUG we split the Fusion Apps content into 'what and why' and 'how'. People are using Fusion now and it is time to talk about their experiences.

Liam Nolan gave the Fusion Community keynote, which unlike all the other communities was held on Tuesday as we knew so many people would be interested. It was a great recap of where Fusion is and covered much of what I what I learnt at OOW.

After his presentation, Liam and I hosted a round table where almost the whole audience remained. Interestingly there is two distinct groups, customers who need to know what Fusion offers them and Partners who need to understand the market opportunities for them. We are looking in UKOUG at what to do with the Fusion Community in 2013 and will be talking to the Partner Forum as to how we can make this happen. We need to ensure we give both communities what they need without smothering the end user.

The best presentation for me was from Standard Life. They haven't finished their journey but have a great approach to it, starting with this brilliant video as to why? What interested me most was that Standard Life like many organisations taking up Fusion Apps are not only doing it in co-existence but also using a SAAS delivery model. This has different considerations for both the customer and their partner (Standard Life partner with IBM); I know in Fujitsu I am working hard with Oracle on what this means for us. Topic for another post I think.

My presentation was based on the article I wrote for Quest and what I think Fusion Applications means to Organisations.

What would Fusion content be without the UX team? We are so luckly with their support at UKOUG. Jeremy Ashley brings his team each year. His presentation was about Fusion Mobility and like at OOW I got to be his demo babe.

There was also a couple of videos made of Jeremy where I interviewed him about Fusion Mobile and UX but he is a pro, turned the conversation around and got me to talk about Fusion. Can't wait to see the edited copy.

If you have anything you want us to look at for the Fusion Applications community this year, contact me through UKOUG.

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