Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Very Special RMOUG

I love RMOUG, it is a very similar user group to UKOUG although a lot smaller. It is a regional group covering all Oracle products and it is loved by both the speakers and the delegates.

Carolyne Fryc (RMOUG VP) and me

Something else I love about RMOUG is that every year some of the speakers go upto the mountains afterwards to enjoy a few days and recharge batteries. This year was even more special as it was my 50th birthday, which I shared with Tim Gorman (RMOUG President) and Peter Sharman.

The event runs, Tuesday through Thursday and Tuesday (the big day) includes a speakers event in the Winkoop Brewery, not a bad way to celebrate, but earlier that day I also did a Stranahan's Whiskey Tour thanks to Alex Gorbachev (I have great friends).

My presentation was on the Wednesday and I had a great audience, I gave my 'What Do Fusion Applications tell you about your own organisation?' talk and love the discipline of needing a white paper at RMOUG. I didn't attend many presentations, but I did watch Chris Ostrowski who like me works for Fujitsu, and made an effort to catch up with Tim Dexter who I haven't see for a few years. I also met up with another colleague based in Denver.

RMOUG is a fantastic conference and I hope to be there again next year. Alongside UKOUG and a few other really well established conferences there will be no travel funded for RMOUG by the ACE Program so airmiles and frequent sleeper miles will be required, but well worth it.

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