Sunday 19 September 2010

Welcome from Fujitsu

So how excited am I. Fujitsu my employer are as I have said Marquee Sponsor for OOW, and today as the conference gets underway there are signs everywhere.

OOW attendees have bags with Fujitsu pride of place, love that.

I don't have time to be on the Fujitsu stand but have been part of the planning process so am very keen to see how it comes together. So I have added Exhibitor to my embarrassingly long set of ribbons and went onto the show floor to have a look.

Cheery Pickers, ladders, men on stilts, and more duct tape than I have ever seen in my life, and by tomorrow it will be the polished exhibition. Lighting is going up, orders being yelled and lots of innovation for the last minute details.

It is lovely that Oracle have selected the same colour scheme as Fujitsu and the red is very striking. I believe there is also a nice red carpet but that will be last thing that goes down. Look tomorrow when you pop by, we are booth #1311, tell them 'Debra sent you'.

We are obviously sponsoring the marquee, that tent city between Moscone North a South.  And tonight, the welcome party, we are sponsoring that as well. The stage is also branded Fujitsu. Come and have a drink on us.

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Mark Bobak said...

Wish I could be there!